The Dream of a World

Without Language Barriers.


Introducing kites simultaneous speech translation
Our Story

kites emerged from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, where the technology was originally designed as a tool to facilitate communication within international teams in an academic setting.

Our Vision

The kites team has relentlessly pursued a single dream since day 1 - enabling communication across languages.


Consistently placing in the #1 position globally in public benchmarks, our technology sets the state of the art for real-time translation.

Dr. Sebasitian Stuker - kites founder & CEO

"We've just achieved better-than-human-performance in ultra-low-latency on the industry standard Switchboard benchmark."


Some of our Affiliations

College Lecture

Deep AI & Speech Expertise

- Founded in 2015

- 56 years of collective AI & Speech Processing R&D experience

- Advisory Board members include Dr. Alex Waibel, Adam Schlesinger & Charles Laporte Aust

- HQ in Karlsruhe, Germany


"We built kites for a single purpose; to make language barriers a thing of the past. We don’t want to look things up in dictionaries; we want to communicate more freely. So we built a machine to make it possible."

Dr. Sebastian Stüker
Founder & CEO

Dr. Thai-Son Nguyen
ASR Lead

"With our innovative end-to-end speech recognition solutions we can deliver very low-latency transcription at a human performance level. "

Dr. Thanh-Le Ha
MT Lead

"By using our all-neural multilingual machine translation technology we are able to cover languages that are less-resourced. We want to be able to reach every language in the world."




Automatic Speech Transcription & Translation

When listening to speech, users can choose to view the transcript in the original language (subtitles), or translated text in the language of their choice,

Originally designed to support international students during university lectures, the kites app is intuitive, accurate and full of advanced functionality.

Real-Time Ultra-Low Latency

State of the art seq2seq technology and predictive AI allow kites transcription to lead the world in both accuracy and latency. Transcript and translated text in fact appear before the speaker completes a sentence, and/or self-corrects if a better interpretation is warranted by further context.


State-of-the-Art Performance

A true deep tech R&D company, kites is one of a few companies that builds its own proprietary transcription and translation technologies; all built in-house. As a technical leader in this space, we can deliver state-of-the art performance through cloud based services or as secure local server based installation in proprietary settings.

"In Hanover we are showing sustainable solutions for the challenges of our time... [this] offers us opportunities to shape the future."

Prof. Holger Hanselka KIT President


"Super-Human Performance in Online Low-latency Recognition of Conversational Speech".






At the very heart of our motivation is the desire to make communication easy and techno-clutter free across languages and cultures. The kites portfolio of web apps, mobile apps and enterprise APIs have taken us one step closer to achieving that, and we're adding more features every day.


The kites suite of applications is designed for privacy and security. All systems and data can be hosted behind firewalls and on-premise, on the cloud with Kites, or with your preferred cloud partners.


Amongst the first tier of transcription/translation developers (see Switchboard benchmark for info), kites is the only independent company  that is uniquely positioned to customize core models for our partners.  We build systems in new languages, new domains and use cases; and as cloud-based hosted or as private/secure on-prem installations.


​Karlsruhe Information Technology Solutions - kites GmbH
Karlsruhe, Germany